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Extended orgasm?

Hi, my girl friend and I are new to D/s and we recently discovered something that neither of us can find any info on and I hoped maybe someone here could shed some light on for me. I've been denying her orgasms until I wanted her to cum. The other day when I told her to cum, as she began cumming I told her she couldn't stop cumming until I instructed her to, and IT WORKED!!! I let her cum for a good three minutes until I stopped her. When I gave her the command to stop, her body instantly stopped climaxing!!! ...as I said we are both fairly new to this lifestyle, and have never heard of this before so could someone please share some insight or a few links on this? Thank you!
posted by: MarkDommy (reply)

I know what you're talking about and you're just scratching the surface as to where this can go. I routinely give the woman I'm seeing 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min, 50min continuous orgasms. I do this through both command and physical touch. Being in a dom/sub relationship makes it easier as she's already in the mindset to submit. I've been working with voice-commanded extended orgasms for the last little bit and just for fun, a couple of months ago I spoke to her, had her visualize me stimulating her, then counted her down from 10, instructing her to cum and not stop until I told her to. When I got to 1 she began cumming. I parked the car, ran into the store, bought some things and when I came back out she was still cumming, unable to stop and I never once touched even as much as her arm. My point being, once conditioned properly her body can obey you even without physical stimulation. A few things to know.

* Have her to Kegel exercises....it helps tremendously and they should be done several times a day, every day.
* If you extend the orgasm too long, before she's use to it, she can start cramping or be sore, as if she's been to the gym and worked out too long..
* Repeated extended orgasms (I'm talking 20+ min each time) may cause periods to start early (by weeks) or re-start once ended. Don't say I didn't warn you.
* It can be good to vary the sensation to help her not become sore. I tend to start clitoral, then move vaginal and sometimes switching back and forth, sometimes stopping all touching and keeping her going through voice command only..
* If she cums continuously for an extended period of time, it will be harder for her to stop on command, sometimes taking several minutes before her body will stop contracting.
* After extended orgasms of 10-20min, do not be surprised when she just randomly has orgasms all throughout the day, or next day. From my experience the after-shocks can last hours to a day and a half. They can be set off by most anything, just a random spasm or hitting a bump in the road when in a car.

A few things I've learned that will help. Talk to her, it helps. -- Once you get her extremely turned on, or during an extended orgasm, you can "talk" to her and begin instructing her. Don't ask, just tell her what to do or tell her what she's experiencing. You can tell her to intensify sensations, tell her that every time you touch her, from the very first second she feels that good instantly, that her need to cum is this strong from your very first touch, etc. Have her describe the sensation (my woman describes it as a coil the tightens and releases), then you can instruct her better on what she's feeling and you'll find that she will do and experience exactly what you tell her (you feel the coil tightening, it's getting tighter and tighter, you don't know if you can take it much longer but it's continuing to coil, building, getting stronger and intensifying, it's never been this tight before, you feel it, growing, it's about to release, to explode, all at once, it's going to release in 3, 2, 1, now). -- Talking to her in an extremely turned on orgasm denial type situation, or while having an extended orgasm, is much like hypnotism. It's not the traditional "very relaxed, floating on water" type scenario, but it definitely is an altered state of consciousness. Once the person is in that state, they're much more open to suggestion and command. You can intensify their orgasms, making extending orgasms easier, help heighten certain desires, etc the possibilities are nearly endless. -- Personally, I tend to repeat anything I "tell" her several times, in slightly different ways, to help embed an idea into her mind.
posted by: laMastero (reply)

I'd be interested to know: a) is there any way this process can be used to extend a male orgasm? And b) is there anything one can take (either vegetable, liquid or non-prescription drug) to increase the volume of one's ejaculate (ie jizz)? I'm 50+ now and though I wouldn't describe it as a dribble, my jizz would barely fill a teaspoon. Time was when ladies (after blowing me) would comment on the huge amout I emptied into their mouth...after their mouths were empty, that is! Any tips?
posted by: Bobby233 (reply)

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How to convince a wife to get laid with other men?

We are a married couple in India married for more than last 13 years. My wife is nice a sexy and not very conservative. I have been talking to her about this for quiet some time now. While having sex she gets quiet excited about this and seems willing however denies it when I ask her to do this. Also she does dress very revealing and she does it willingly, when we go to public places like grocery shops/malls. She dresses in a way where she wear everything but as if she is wearing nothing. She is also very very comfortable with the looks and constant stares of other men on to her body and also likes when they comment and even asks me who were looking at her and what they were saying. She also willingly chats in sex chat rooms without any inhibitions. Also she is purposely looks at me when she gets surrounded by men in a mall (naturally she dresses so sexily) in the quieter sections and men also purposely linger around in a very close proximity observing her bending and picking up items from the lower section of the shelves and lot of times give her helping hand (and that's when she gives me those looks as if she is just mine for name sake. However how can I get her to do it for real? I will love to see her getting used and also being happy because of it. I know she is willing inside but refuses outside. Any help is appreciated.
posted by: mobileDick (reply)

I was able to get my wife to cross the threshold by taking her to a large public disco bar, without bra and panties, and after a few drinks, masturbated her in public. At first she was cautious but after the 11 orgasm, she was ready for the gentleman across from us!
posted by: Obey489 (reply)

Did your wife consent to get drunk and do this in public before the drinks? Getting her drunk so she complies?
posted by: power4U (reply)

Why don't you try first to do it on a webcam. She can get undressed and if you both are willing you can have sex while someone is watching you. If he masturbates it might make her feel getting easier. If you do this with the same guy for some time a meeting could be the next step. Let him watch you both while he's in the room and let him take part step by step (e.g. he starts coming on her body, then she gives him a blowjob while you fuck her and the the magic next step).... Good luck with that and keep us posted
posted by: Sansibar (reply)
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